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Our state of the art digital computer to plate prepress system enables us to decrease turnaround time while maximizing quality.

CentralWeb offers a wide variety of printing options. With 5 modern, high speed commercial and newsprint press lines we provide print services for high end glossy magazines, catalogues, directories, digests, tabloids and broadsheet publications. Our commercial press lines are used primarily for printing coated paper and always print using the heatset process. Our newsprint press lines are used for uncoated papers such as newsprint or electrobrite and calendered or light weight coated sheets. These newsprint press lines can run using either the heatset or coldset process dependant on your needs and budget. The coldset advantage is cost, but it does not offer the same benefits as heatset. The heatset process dries the ink which eliminates offset or marking and increases the brightness and clarity of the print.

Our comprehensive bindery facility compliments our pressroom. Stitching, perfect binding, inserting, poly bagging, whatever your requirement, we get it done.

Boxed, bundled, skids, unaddressed mail prep… whichever your preference, delivery service wherever it needs to go.

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